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Frequently Asked Questions

This F.A.Q. (frequently asked questions) includes the most asked for information about Kelleys Island.

Island Facts
Fishing and Hunting
State Park


Where is Kelleys Island, Ohio?
Kelleys Island is located in the western basin of Lake Erie, about four miles north of Marblehead and twelve miles from Sandusky. Kelleys Island is in Erie County in the state of Ohio.

How do I get there?
Kelleys Island can be accessed via ferryboat, private boat, or airplane. Kelleys Island Ferry Boat Line is located in Marblehead and provides year round service, weather permitting. Air service is available from Sandusky via Griffing Flying Service.

How often does the boat run?
How much will it cost to bring x people over on the boat?
How much does it cost to bring my car, bike over?
When does the ferry run on x date?

The answers to all these questions can be found on the web site for the Kelleys Island Ferry Boat Line or by calling at 419-798-9763.

Can I bring my car to the island?
The ferry does allow visitors to bring their vehicles to Kelleys Island. A car is convenient if you plan to do a lot of travel on the island itself. However you may find that renting a bicycle or golf cart is a much more relaxing way of touring our island.

Is there a gas station on the island?
Gasoline is available at Seaway Marina, where the Kelleys Island Ferry arrives. Hours vary, call 419-746-2506 for more information.

Is there a boat that goes from Kelleys Island to Put-In-Bay? Cedar Point?
Yes this service is provided in season by Goodtime Island Cruises and The Jet Express. Click here for more information.

Is there a place to dock for free overnight?
The Kelleys Island State Park offers no docking but one may tie off or anchor down in the North bay. All other dockage and marinas will charge for daily as well as overnight stays.

Where is there public dockage on the island?
A list of docks can be found here.

Is there a public boat launch on the island?
The Kelleys Island State Park, located at the North-West end of the island, offers a free double boat launching ramp and trailer parking.

Where can I rent a boat?
There are no boat rentals available on the island at this time. You can rent kayaks at the State Park during season, more information here.

How do I get to town from the airport?
There is no scheduled transportation to and from the airport, please make transportation arrangements with your place of lodging or a golf cart rental company before you fly. Or call Island Ride Taxi during the season, their phone number is 419-746-2000.

Lodging and Accommodations

Can I bring my pet to stay with me?
There are very few accommodations for pets – check the accommodations comparison charts. Please call the Chamber Office for a referral at 419-746-2360 or email us at

Island Facts

What is there to do on Kelleys Island?
Too many things to list here but if you click the link above we have put together a short but expanding list.

Where can we dine on the island?
There are nine restaurants open on the island during the summer that serve various fare. The food is moderately priced and higher. There are no fast food places on the island.

How much is a golf cart rental?
Golf carts rent for $10 to $18 per hour, depending on the size of the cart and the vendor.

Does the island have an ATM for money withdrawals?
There are now a few on the Island, including one at the Village Pump, Island Market and Seaway Marina. There are no full-service banks on the island.

How big is the island?
The entire island measures approximately four by two miles and is the largest freshwater American island in Lake Erie.

Are there public restrooms on the island?
The public restrooms are located downtown next to the old town hall and on Addison Road, next to the pavillion.

How many people live on Kelleys Island?
There are approximately 150 year round residents with the population swelling to around 1500 during the summer.

Where can I swim on the island?
The Kelleys Island State Park offers a beautiful sandy beach along the North Bay. Other beaches you may see on the island are private and require the owners permission to be on.

Can I buy a home or property on the island?
For a listing of property for sale on this web site click here.

Is there a library on the island?
Yes, the Kelleys Island branch of the Sandusky library can be found in Estes School. Hours of operation can be found here.

Is there internet access on the island?
The Chamber of Commerce does allow use of their computer for email, etc. This service is only available during office hours. Several lodging establishments also offer access to their customers. Check with your host.

Is there a church on the island?
Yes, in fact there are two. St. Michaels Catholic Church (419-746-2481) and Zion Methodist Church (419-746-2514).

Are their picnic tables and outdoor grills for public use?
There is a picnic area at the foot of the Glacial Grooves and between within the Kelleys Island State Park. Also, on Division Street, across from the Kelleys Island School, there is a State Park picnic area. There are also picnic tables and grills at the Pavillion on Addison St.

Is there an AA meeting on the island?
AA meets every Saturday, 12 noon, at the Zion Methodist Church. Use the east door, next to the parsonage.

What are those large piles of insects in the late spring, early summer?
The May Flies, as they are called on Kelleys Island, come out in the first week of June, and last for about two weeks or so. They don’t bite, the fish love them and they are actually a good sign that Lake Erie is healthier than it was just twenty years ago. They like to gather around bright lights, and their lives on land only last for 24 hours, compared with two years a the bottom of the lake. While somewhat annoying, the return of the May Flies in large numbers are a sign of a healthy ecosystem in Lake Erie.


What is the weather like on the island?
Weather on the island is the same as northern Ohio with a few exceptions. The still warm lake keeps us warmer in the fall, but the still cool lake gives us cold breezes in the spring.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
Avg. High30°F32°F42°F54°F66°F76°F
Avg. Low16°F17°F26°F38°F50°F60°F
Avg. Precip.1.60 in1.50 in2.30 in2.90 in3.30 in3.30 in
Record High66°F
Record Low-18°F

Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. High81°F79°F73°F60°F48°F35°F
Avg. Low66°F64°F58°F46°F35°F23°F
Avg. Precip.3.00 in3.50 in2.80 in2.20 in2.70 in2.40 in
Record High104°F
Record Low41°F

Fishing and Hunting

Where can I fish on the island?
Fishing is allowed at the Kelleys Island State Park. Fishing is not allowed on private property without the owners permission. Be sure to have a valid State of Ohio fishing license.

What kind of fish can I catch?
The waters of Lake Erie are the habitat for many species of fish. They include walleye, perch, bass, etc. among many others.

Where can I get a fishing or hunting license on the island?
Fishing licenses are only available online now. Click here to purchase.

Where can I buy bait? tackle?
Bait and tackle are available at several locations on the island. Unc’I Dik’s, located across from the State Park. Craft’s Lakeview Lane, located just West of downtown. Portside Marina, located downtown. Seaway Marina, located at the Kelleys Island Ferry Dock.

State Park

Is there camping on the island?
The Kelleys Island State Park offers 129 shaded campsites. Group, rent-a-camp sites, yurts and pet sites are also available. There are some electric hookups to individual sites. Several main shower houses are available throughout the park. Call 419-746-2546.

Are there hiking trails on the island?
The State Park offers several hiking trails including the North Shore Loop and the East Quarry Trail. Maps of the trails can be obtained at the Kelleys Island State Park information booth or at the Kelleys Island Chamber of Commerce, located on Division Street. The Boardwalk, on Ward Rd., is also an excellent choice, winding through meadow and woodlands, to the edge of the North Pond Preserve.

Are pets allowed?
The Kelleys Island State Park does offer special pet sites for campers 419-756-2546.

Are their picnic tables and outdoor grills for public use?
There is a picnic area at the foot of the Glacial Grooves and between within the Kelleys Island State Park. Also, on Division Street, across from the Kelleys Island School, there is a State Park picnic area.

Additional Questions?
Kelleys Island Chamber of Commerce

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