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Bird Watching

The site is important to birds because as a glacial island in Ohio it contains unique habitat within the state, and its protected coves provide important refuge to a variety of birds. Throughout the year Kelleys Island also hosts significant numbers of birds that gather there to breed and raise young, stopover during migration, and spend the winter. Through a monthly bird census project ongoing since 1996, Kelleys Island has been found to harbor large numbers of the state’s priority conservation species, particularly waterfowl such as Buffleheads and land birds like Hermit Thrushes.

Bird banding activities are at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Jones Preserve located at the end of Monaghan Road. The banding station is at the gate to the preserve. This is a restricted preserve, so visitors must stay with a banding staff member at all times. Parking is available about 100 yards before the gate. It may be too tight to turn around at the gate, so please park here and walk to the station. No pets around the nets, please.

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