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The Lake View Venue Rental Ads, Eat & Drink, Rentals Bar, Ice Cream, Restaurant

504 W. Lakeshore Dr. | Maximum # of Guests:

The essence of connection goes beyond likes, comments and shares on social media. Especially during these times, the power of business and relationships has become even more essential for all of us.

We have made adjustments with our business, but the element of connecting is what is at the forefront. Memorable moments are created when you sit across from someone at a table talking. The way that is going to happen now at the brewery is through parties, events and pop ups hosted by other people.

Kelleys island has always been a place to remind people to slow down. As a 3rd generation business person on the island, we have decided to evolve into a group venue that other businesses and families can rent for their creative ideas to bring connection and quality back to the forefront of our island business.

The connections to the people and to the island is what will increase healthy relationships, especially in families and not just bring a larger quantity of people here because ‘we can’.

Island connection means gathering for good food and drinks without planning to do anything else but enjoy each other’s company. Maybe the connection looks like having a family reunion to add to those inside jokes that carry on for decades. Whether you want to connect with your loved ones with a plan or without, we can help you gather seamlessly at our venue. Let us help you create lasting memories and show appreciation for your loved ones and the island in an authentic way.


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