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Kelleys Island Brewery Ads, Eat & Drink Bar, Ice Cream, Restaurant

504 W. Lakeshore Dr. | Maximum # of Guests:

It began in 1960, by Patti’s father (Jay) and grandmother (Ruth) as the Dairy Isle, located next to the Neuman’s ferry line it was the perfect feeder business. Travelers could enjoy a hand pulled ice cream cone while waiting for the boat (yummmm!) So as the years passed and the island became more popular, The Island Café was born in 1988. It served breakfast and lunch to day travelers, campers and residents. In 1999, craft beer lovers started coming and the demand for more than breakfast and lunch had become apparent, so Patti started the Kelleys Island Brewery (cheers to her ! ). In 2001 Patti’s boyfriend (now husband) Doug became the brew master and with the help from his brother Ed started producing some of Lake Erie’s finest brews. After the ferry’s closing in 2002 and the opening of the Venture Resort in 2008 (August), the Kelleys Island Brewery has become a favorite venue for weddings, reunions and landmark birthday celebrations while maintaining a full service restaurant and brewery.


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