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Product Description

Welcome to Goldilocks, our home away from home on Kelleys Island!

We’re imagining our Kelleys Island story is a familiar one~ we were swept away with the beauty + charm of this sweet little island community. It’s a family place + we’re family kind of people. Kelleys Island has felt like home to us from our very first visit! Each year that we go back we fall in love with it more + more.

We named our four bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom condo Goldilocks after our three fair-haired little girls. Goldilocks is more to us than a second home. It’s a place to make memories that our children will remember for a lifetime. It’s a chance for us to unplug, unwind + reconnect as a family. It’s a very big dream of ours come true + we couldn’t be more excited to share that dream with you! Unit 7a.