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Walks around the neighborhood

Walks around the neighborhood

Hello friends. As most of you understand, there is a newfound bittersweet grief here in our condo we shared with dad for the last 18 years. It is a ‘southern home’ bought in the 1980s and preserved for a beautiful end of an incredible life. I am working on the edits to dad’s book that he found last Christmas and Doug is remodeling his living room. The new room will have Jay’s corner, so if we are blessed with company, there is a reading chair and his favorite books, a globe and a snack bowl for them to enjoy. And it may be where you find me on certain evenings.

Dad used to walk Park Meadows everyday, just like he did his island trip. From Woodrose to Parkmeadows to 41 to Brantley to Summerlin and home. He would come in the door with different items. “Look what I found on my hike!” He would exclaim. There would be a bobber or a gift card that was trashed, and he would want to find its rightful owner. “I got in my two miles today,” as he reached for his Hershey’s Miniature. He would always find and eat his favorites from a variety pack; he never left a wrapper anywhere, and always shared it “fair and square with my buddy bud bud.”

Those Jay walks and so many other reasons make me feel so close to this community after 35 years. Even though we lost our neighbor of all of those years last January (RIP MS. BARBARA), I still think of her every time I walk by that fence of hers. This year on our walks with Petey, we have attracted a friend who Doug has adorably named Lefty. You can imagine the large Muscovy Duck following Doug home, much to Petey’s dismay. He limps over every morning for breakfast, oats, of course. We hide it from the neighbors the best we can. After our morning walks, Petey and I settle in to the desk area for some adventures in the office. Whether it is parties for next year or people curious about BEER CAMP, we set up the computer for all kinds of writing. If you haven’t heard about beer camp, check out our website at . We also have our rentals listed on The Lakeside cottage will have a short term rental this season, so for those that have been waiting, let’s get you in the calendar. Our main goal for this month is to get the edits done and the query packet to an agent the first week in January. Look at it This Way, will be a reality soon.

Kelleys Island Brewery 2020 operations are in the planning stages. We are looking for 5-8 employees that are wanting to work the morning or afternoon shift. Anyone interested in our PM shifts, please call me directly. We have a lot of experience working with flexible schedules and if you would like to work part time this summer, we are able to give Kelleys LIfe readers priority for their shifts, after returning employees of course. Working with some of our past employees and new financial dreamers is a reason to give us an e mail or a call and we can talk about the way that you can fit on our team of people that produce and serve some excellent food and OUR OWN CRAFT BREW on the South shore of Kelleys Island.

Kelleys Island Brewery has been a destination on Lake Erie since 1999. 2020 will be our 60TH SEASON IN CONSECUTIVE FAMILY BUSINESS. There is a lot to celebrate. I better get busy.

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